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Certification of documents

You don't have to sit or wait in an office line hours for clerks yourself. Save time with PRO-TLMOCNIK Certification and have your document properly stamped and certified in time.

For pick-up and delivery of documents also see PRO-TLMOCNIK Pick-up Delivery.

Notarial certification

We provide you a notarial copy of any original document. Notarial copy is also used to save the original copy for future use. Official translation is then bound with notary certified copy.


We mediate apostille stamp for your document. Apostille certifies the signature and stamp of domestic documents you plan to use abroad. Apostille is accepted among the Hague Convention countries.


Authentication by legalization is widely used in international commerce and civil law matters in those jurisdictions where the simpler apostille system has not been adopted (e.g.: Brazil, Canada, China).


Higher authentication – superlegalization of documents is a kind of certification that verifies the signature and official stamp/seal on the document issued by an authorized institution. Superlegalization is used in countries outside the Hague Convention. It is a sequential process of verification of documents in order to be recognized by another jurisdiction.

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