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We provide all kinds of translations in all language combinations. We provide both official as well as unofficial translation ranging broadly from basic to highly specialized texts in all fields.

  • Official translation
  • Specialized / technical translation
  • Literary translation
  • Cross-translation
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Proofreading can be understood as checking the texts grammar, style or vocabulary used.
We provide all three in one. Don't forget to ask about native speaker proofreading.
Please ask about comprehensive services consisting of translation, editing and proofreading, also known as TEP”, (translation, editing, proofreading).
Proofreading can also be ordered for a translation you deliver.

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We provide all types of interpreting in every available language with comprehensive accompanying services.

  • Consecutive interpreting
  • Accompanying interpreting
  • Simultaneous – conference interpreting
  • etc.

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Interpreting equipment

We provide complete interpreting and sound equipment:

  • portable and stationary transmitters ,
  • microphones (wireless, stationary units),
  • overhead projectors,
  • etc.

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Certification of documents

You don't have to sit or wait in an office line hours for clerks yourself. Save time with PRO-TLMOCNIK Certification and have your document properly stamped and certified in time. For pick-up and delivery of documents also see PRO-TLMOCNIK Pick-up Delivery.

  • Notarial certification
  • Apostille
  • Superlegalization

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