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We provide all types of interpreting in every available language with comprehensive accompanying services. Our experienced interpreters will help you to overcome the language barrier at business meetings, conferences, lectures etc.

We can organize your event with the most suitable type of interpretation and number of interpreters to empower your communication. We use professionals who take their role seriously, prepare themselves and are ready to perform on the highest level.

Consecutive interpreting

The speaker is interpreted in agreed segments. Interpreter listens, usually takes notes, and interprets in a short intervals agreed with the speaker. Consecutive interpreting is suitable for both events with fewer and large number of participants such as business meetings, technical meetings, various performances and so on.

This type of interpretation is used in ‘accompanying interpreting’.

Simultaneous – conference interpreting

Interpreting is made with use of interpreting equipment. The interpreter sits in interpreter's booth and interprets at the same time the speaker gives the speech. Event participants use headsets to listen to interpretation in real time. Simultaneous interpreting is usually used for events with a greater number of participants such as conferences, presentations, seminars etc.

Accompanying interpreting

The interpreter usually accompanies one or more people at e.g. exhibitions, fairs, production premises, different operations or on a business trip.

Chuchotage – interpreting by whispering

Interpreter sits or stands among event participants and whispers directly to the ear of foreign participants. Such interpreting can be used for lectures, discussions or at any kind of meeting.

Official interpreting – State appointed interpreters

The interpreter is registered in the List of Valuers, Interpreters and Translators of the Ministry of Justice of the Slovak Republic. Official interpreting usually have to be used during marriage ceremonies, communication of foreigners with country's authorities, in judicial proceedings etc.

Letter interpretation

An interpreter is provided with the text that they directly interpret for an audience. This service is usually implemented for an occasion of an official statement reading or a speech reading.

Telephone interpreting

Telephone interpreting is widely used for occasions of, e.g. communication with your business partner, colleague or institutions abroad.

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